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Make your computer faster today with PC HomeRun!

How it Works?

PC HomeRun is a collection of system-maintenance tools and an optimization utility to clean, repair and Optimize Windows. This multi-featured software will fix Windows errors and put an end to PC crashes! PC HomeRun optimizes your computers performance, resulting in a faster, more reliable computer. Improve your system performance without expensive hardware upgrades. It removes junk files to save valuable disk space.

1. Free Diagnosis

Get started by downloading the Free Diagnosis software directly from PC This quick diagnosis will rapidly perform a diagnosis to identify all possible issues.

2. Activate and Optimize

Once your free diagnosis is complete and you are satisfied, you can purchase and activate the software for just $19.99! This starts the optimization process of your computer.

3. Fast, Easy & Convenient

Why wait to get your PC fixed and why spend more than you have to? PC HomeRuns free diagnosis and resolution process take place right in the comfort of your home, at a time you need to get working toward a quicker, cleaner PC in no time!

Software Activation Assistance

Need help? Our representatives are readily available 24/7 to answer your questions and help with the activation process.